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Social challenges will shape the needs of the future. Climate change, the circular economy, sustainable mobility, food safety, health, Industry 4.0 and sustainable agriculture are the main guidelines that will shape the future of our society. In this context, materials will only be successful if they are able to meet the demands and needs of society.

The 20th century has seen the birth of plastics, their explosive growth and the extension of their field of applications to unprecedented levels. Thanks to their versatility, they allow the design of tailor-made materials capable of having almost any property and, therefore, solving the proposed needs. Today, plastic materials are present in practically all fields of economic activity and modern society cannot be understood without their presence.

Materials must be at the service of society's needs. Materials for CO2 capture and use, reduction of contaminants and water consumption, biogenetics, microfluidics, pest control, active packaging, rapid disease detection tests, cancer treatment, release of active ingredients and endless possibilities in polymers will be the protagonists of this event. All this within a new industrial framework where Industry 5.0, connectivity and Big Data, the marking of materials and technologies such as 3D printing, plastronics and flexible printing will be positioned.

This forum aims to address, in an eminently practical way, what is to come, those materials that will soon make our lives easier.



The final agenda will be published shortly

CLIMATE CHANGE. AN OPPORTUNITY TO RECONCILE OURSELVES WITH THE PLANET.It is said that the human being attacks the weak health of planet Earth again and again. With a very high probability, this will not disappear. But we must be aware that it is increasingly difficult to maintain the optimal conditions for the survival and coexistence of humanity. Plastics, although they are often attacked precisely because they contribute directly or indirectly to these harmful effects on the planet, are so versatile, so extensive, that their capacity to solve problems in our environment has an incalculable impact. The development of new materials helps to establish the balance of greenhouse gas emissions, reduce energy costs in urban and industrial environments, sustainable mobility, renewable energies, are just a few examples that show the tip of the iceberg in the cure of our beloved planet.

PLASTICS AS A REVOLUTIONARY VECTOR FOR FOOD PRODUCTION AND FOOD SAFETY. Society is a tremendously complex, chaotic entity. To understand its structure, to improve its current efficiency, to promote equality, is a tremendously complex, abyssal challenge. Global food flows and balances run parallel to this complexity. They are absolutely necessary to maintain this social structure. Plastic materials are currently the main guarantors and spearheads in the improvement of food production means, as well as protagonists of the logistics necessary to carry food to any corner of the world, in terms of time, quality, security, and survival. Revolutionary innovations in the agricultural sector, be it optimisation of production systems, revolutionising them, in food transport, preservation, improvement of their properties, are absolutely necessary and challenging. Without plastic, this would not be possible.

BIOMEDICINE. FORGING THE HEALTH OF THE FUTURE.To live longer or to live better? Which is the better, quality or quantity? Having to choose between the two should not be an option. It is not reasonable, nor is it the goal. We want to live longer and with increasingly better quality of life. Polymers have been an unmitigated revolution and have marked an inevitable path that will be explored throughout the 21st century. When we hear talk about impressive concepts such as bioengineering, artificial organ generation, tissue regeneration, cancer therapy, all this happens with versatile materials such as polymers. There is no alternative, they are the ones that give us the opportunity. And we must not forget the great challenge of the future, a future that this year has come with something that was completely unexpected, the great nightmare: the bacterial threat, the inevitable persistence of infections, the viral pandemics. Polymers offer us great opportunities in detection, prevention, and treatment methodologies, in short, opportunities for hope.

THE TISSUE THAT GENERATES THE FUTURE: CONNECTIVITY, BIG DATA and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.Technology is advancing at an unstoppable speed. And that is good. Solving the problems around us means always being one or two steps ahead. The great revolution of the 21st century is none other than the connectivity of things. Distances have become minimal, tiny and insignificant. This has led to the emergence of such culturally ingrained concepts such as Big Data, artificial intelligence, mining, and machine learning, among others. Concepts such as Industry 4.0 are already obsolete, it is time to talk about Industry 5.0, where the main paradigm lies in the man/machine duality and artificial intelligence. The development of new polymeric materials, needed to address all future challenges we face in terms of health, environment, sustainability, and food, they need tools that are up to task, ground-breakers. And here are these new technologies that revolve around connectivity, artificial intelligence, which can critically help the evolution of future materials...the ones we want to make and the ones we can’t even imagine today. They are our most powerful weapons.

Among the different activities that will be developed, there will be a Poster session on new scientific projects developed during the last three years in any of the conference themes.

The proposals must be sent before the 10th september 2021 with the following information:

The organisation will review the proposal and, once approved, you will be sent a template in order to mock up the digital poster and send it in PowerPoint or PDF format before the 27th September 2021.
The cost of participation is equivalent to the cost of entry (general fee). One poster admitted per entry.


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