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Antonio Eduardo Palomares Gimeno, Ph.D · ITQ & Amador García, Ph.D, AIMPLAS

Moderated by: Amador García, Ph. D. (AIMPLAS)
PCMs, energy storage (piezoelectric), new materials for photovoltaic cells, electric car, materials for protection and durability of renewable energy plants (anti-icing), green building, management of CO2

Fabrics that can store energy. Smart composites open up a new horizon
Juan José Vilatela , Ph.D · IMDEA
Anti-icing solutions for wind turbine blades.
Pilar Izu Belloso, Ph.D · SIEMENS-GAMESA
Energy efficiency in the interior of cars. Self-heating surfaces and fabrics.
Begoña Galindo, Ph.D · AIMPLAS
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Moderated by: Sergio Giménez (AIMPLAS)
Plastronics as a tool to foster the development of smart materials, state-of-the-art polymeric sensors, prevention, protection and monitoring of cultural heritage and works of art, ‘in-mould’ injection, smart labels, monitoring of fresh food, smart indicators, sport and biorhythms.

Development of smart materials for controlled release and freshness indicators.
Pablo Ferrer · University of Valencia
Plastronics in the automotive sector: a need of autonomous and smart cars.
Francisco Papis · SABIC
The importance of history: monitoring of the conservation status of cultural heritage.
Serafín García · AIMPLAS
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Moderated by: Adolfo Benedito, Ph. D. (AIMPLAS)
Smart tags, materials for diagnosis and theragnosis, new materials for tissue growth and regeneration, 3D printing of biomaterials, innovation in prosthesis with new functionalities.

The big issue of antimicrobial additives: new alternatives to heavy metals.
Valentina BEGHETTO, Ph.D · Universidad de Venecia
New frontiers in photon materials: a new concept to achieve total sun protection without UV rays absorption.
Mauricio Calvo, Ph.D · Institute of Materials Science of Sevilla
A door of hope: polymer-based tumour tags and treatments.
Pavel Bartovsky, Ph.D . AIMPLAS

Moderator: Mª Pilar de Miguel · CDTI
New high-performance composites/hybrids, high-performance materials for the aerospace and aeronautical sectors, extreme radiation protection, EMI shielding, filters and absorbers of contaminants. New coatings.

High performance plastics · the next generation
Goran Brkljac · Ter Hell Plastic GmbH
The world needs better materials for big demands. New frontiers.
Ing.Antonio Nerone, Ph.D · DuPont International Operations
Polymers against the greenhouse effect. A new generation of CO2 catchers.
Adolfo Benedito, Ph.D · AIMPLAS
Graphene-based nanocomposites for bulletproof vests: ballistic limit and tensile and impact properties
Israel Gago · Polytechnic University of Cartagena
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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Moderated by: Adolfo Benedito, Ph. D. (AIMPLAS)
Improvements in biodegradable materials, lignin as a source of biopolymers, biodegradable additives (beyond oxobiodegradable additives), biomass as the origin of new biomaterials..

Development of biodegradable additives for consumer packaging: safe for food contact and for the environment.
Ph.D George Britovsek · Imperial College London
Building Polymers from Lemons: A new Route towards BPA-free Polycarbonate?
A.W. Kleij, Ph.D, · ICIQ
Toward a more sustainable bioplastic industry: Is using alternative feedstock´s the key?
Olafur Ögmundarson · Universidad Técnica de Dinamarca
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Moderated by: Antoni Camí (FIRA BARCELONA)
3D printing, new technologies for thermoplastic composites, decorative methods and finishes, process integration, new advances in design and simulation tools, 4D printing, metamaterials, in-mould injection, circular economy.

The future of 3D printing in the industry.
Thibaut Mathieu · STRATASYS
Paint and injection in a single step. COLORFORM brings us a new generation of integrated processes.
Jose A. Gonzalez · COSCOLLOLA
Can thermosetting resins be extruded? Now, it is possible.
Pablo R. Outón · INDRESMAT
Industrial characteristics and applications of the new 3D printing technology.
Inma Vázquez · HP
Conclusions and questions


Juan José Vilatela · IMDEA

Juan José Vilatela has been about 15 years researching carbon nanomaterials and their assembly as microscopic structures exploiting efficiently their fascinating molecular properties. The research group he leads is focused on the synthesis of carbon nanotube fibres, the study of their low-dimensionality properties and their use in energy transfer and storing processes associated to electrochemical devices (e.g. batteries, enablers and Grätzel cells). He is currently responsible for two European projects to develop structural materials able to store/capture energy (ERC Starting Grant - STEM, Clean Sky 2 - SORCERER).

Pilar Izu Belloso · SIEMENS-GAMESA

Pilar Izu has a background as Chemistry and she holds a Ph.D. on Polymer Chemistry from the University of the Basque Country in the Rheology Group. Moreover, she did several years of post-doctorate at USA (Stanford Rheology group of Prof. Fuller) and France (INSA Lyon and ELF group). From 2001 to 2004, she worked as General and Polymer Chemistry teacher at TECNUN. In 2005, she joined to GAMESA Innovation & Technology Materials Unit, being her major areas of interest, polymer processing to define characterization tests of thermoset resins and optimize components curing cycles. Since 2017, she is working on Onshore Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Innovation & Technology identifying new materials required for the wind industry, defined its requirements and validation process and participating in its development and its implementation.

Begoña Galindo · AIMPLAS

She is a researcher in the Compounding department of AIMPLAS since 2005. Since then, she has taken part in research projects on the following subjects: nanocomposites, biopolymers, reinforced plastics, flame retardant materials, conductive polymers, water-soluble polymers and polymers for 3D printing. She has a wide experience on the optimization of the dispersion of nanoparticles in polymer matrixes by the compounding process. She is also actively involved in working groups on plastronics, nanomaterials and starch-based biopolymers. As a result of these projects, she wrote several publications in scientific and technical-commercial journals. She has also made presentations in different seminars, such as: Imaginenano, Plastic Processing Society, ECCP (European Conference on thermally and electrically conductive polymers and composites), Addit3d, Nanotec, among others. She has taken part in several regional, national and international research projects. Consequently, she is the author of four patents.

Pablo Emilio Ferrer Pérez · UPV

Pablo Ferrer Pérez is graduated in Chemistry and he is currently project manager at the Interuniversity Research Institute for Molecular Recognition and Technological Development (IDM-UPV), directed by Ramón Martínez Máñez. He has been working the last years in the field of molecular sensors and hybrid materials. It is one of the first European groups in starting an exhaustive investigation on the development of chemical sensors and molecular probes and the first Spanish group to work systematically in the development of sensor systems based on molecules with electrochemical, colorimetric and/or fluorescent response. He has a wide experience in the development of functionalized materials with nanoscopic gates for its application in controlled release processes by applying external stimuli. They used different types of stimuli such as pH, changes, reducing media, enzymatic activity, light, ultrasounds and magnetic fields to induce the charging’s release. In the last five years, the group has taken part in more than twenty different research projects for the development of blocked materials and molecular sensors. This research was supported by several grants from different regional and national agencies. Besides, the group takes part in a European H2020 programme and in two Retos de Colaboración call projects.

Francisco Papis · SABIC

Mechanical technical engineer by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and master’s degree in Project Management by the University La Salle. From 1996 to 2000, he worked in a multinational company from the automotive sector as a product engineer. Since 2000 up to now, he has been working at GE Plastics/SABIC as a Technical Support Engineer, Application Development Specialist, Account Manager and Senior Business Development Manager Specialty Business.

Serafín García · AIMPLAS

Working since 1999 in the field of polymer processing and product development, included in the Design and Injection moulding Department at AIMPLAS. Developing projects for Spanish private companies and with close collaboration with other research centers (ISmithers, VTT, TNO, PERA, Fraunhofer...) at any level: Regional, National and International. Our field of work regarding injection moulding is devoted to the technical advice and assessment on injection moulding technologies, processing optimisation, new materials and composites set-up and testing. In the area of product development our assessment is mainly focused in ensuring the suitability of the product to be manufactured using the known manufacturing processes for plastics materials. We perform an analysis that covers costs, technical viability, design modifications, assessment about technologies and providers, validation testing and product certification that offer an added value to our customers. Furthermore, I have given more than 1800 hours of courses related with plastics manufacturing processes, injection technologies, processing optimisation, product design, CAD design, product project management, and so on. Currently I am working as Head of the Design and Injection Department in AIMPLAS. I am also in charge of the Research Group of AIMPLAS focused in AM technologies.

Valentina BEGHETTO · Universidad de Venecia

Senior Assistant Professor at the University Ca’ Foscari Venice, Department of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems, has over 60 among publications, patents and congress communications. Since 2014 she is President and founder of Crossing Ltd., a Spin Off devoted to the development of new technologies for innovative materials in partnership with National and International Companies. She teaches Industrial Organic Chemistry, Asymmetric Synthesis for the Industry and Chemistry for the Leather Industry.

Mauricio Calvo · Institute of Materials Science of Sevilla

Dr. M. E. Calvo is Doctor in Chemistry by the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a happy father of four kids and he is member of the permanent staff of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). He is part of the Multifunctional Optical Materials Group at the Institute of Materials Science of Seville where he has been working for ten years. Nowadays, his main research interest is focused on the solution process of optical porous hybrid nanostructured materials for different applications like solar protection, optoelectronic devices and sensors. He is author of more than 50 publications and 7 patents and he is/was supervisor in several PhD theses. More information at http://mom.icmse.csic.es/group-members/mauricio-calvo/

Pavel Bartovsky. AIMPLAS

Ph. D. in Chemical Sciences in the specialty of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry by the Polytechnic University of Valencia (2011), within the field of compounds with anti-tumor activity. During 2012 and 2013, he conducted a post-doctoral research in the Interuniversity Research Institute for Molecular Recognition and Technological Development and he is member of the Biomedical Research Centre for Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicine in the Polytechnic University of Valencia in the field if development of smart nano-biomaterials for breast cancer treatment and other materials for Controlled Drug Delivery. He worked as a freelance Project writer on new materials for biomedicine (cancer treatment) collaborating with different universities and R&D centres from Denmark, United Kingdom and Spain. Between 2015 and 2016, he worked as a Project Manager in the Chemical department of AINIA. Since 2017, he works as a researcher at the Synthesis department of AIMPLAS mainly in the field of new materials for biomedicine. He has also taken part in more than 25 national, international and European projects and is author and co-author of several scientific publications.

Goran Brkljac · Ter Hell Plastic GmbH

Goran Brkljac was born on November 18, 1966 in Oberhausen, Germany. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering, processing of plastics, from de Technical University of Applied Sciences in Iserlohn, Germany. Between 1991 and 2011 he worked as an Application and Product Development engineer for the German company TER HELL Plastic GmbH. In 2011, he became the Head of Technical Department of the same company, with the focus on product development, until now that he is the Head of Technical Service Center -with the focus on application development, CAE, technical communication- of the company TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP. In addition, since 2004 he is member of the Technical Advisory Council of the Kunststoff Institut of Lüdenscheid, Germany, and since 2012 he is the Head of the international conference Polymer Forum.

Antonio Nerone · DuPont International Operations

Antonio obtained a University Degree in Nuclear engineering at Politecnico Milano (Italy) and he joined DuPont in 1989 as Market Development Engineer for engineering polymers applications in Electric and Electronic Markets. After various assignments as Product Manager for Mylar films and Crastin PBT, he got the role of European Segment Leader for engineering polymers applications in Electric and Electronic market. In 2014, he became Global Segment Leader for Engineering Polymers in Electric and Electronic applications.

Adolfo Benedito · AIMPLAS

Adolfo Benedito-Borrás (M) has a Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences by the University of Valencia. He has been working at AIMPLAS since 2001. He was head of Compounding until 2009 and head of Materials until 2015. He has been a main researcher in for different European and national projects, as well as author and co-author of different scientific papers, patents and books in the field of nanotechnology applied to polymeric materials.

Israel Gago · Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena

Israel Gago was born in 1978 in Palencia and he is a Naval Architect and Marine Systems Engineer from the Technical University of Cartagena and qualified technician in Computer-aided design. After a first professional stage dedicated to business, for four years now he is a researcher in graphene and its applications in the defence sector at the Technical University of Cartagena. He has developed, in collaboration with the Marine Corps, the project ‘Graphene Applications in Personal Equipment for Defence’ selected by the Directorate General for Arms and Materiel in the last edition of the programme COINCIDENTE for Cooperation in Scientific Research and Development related to Strategic Technologies of the Spanish Ministry of Defence. Currently and together with Tecnalia and Cambridge Nano Technologies, he is carrying out the project ‘Study for the analysis of the impact of graphene on defence applications’ of the European Defence Agency, among other collaborations with different companies from the sector.

Dr. George Britovsek · Imperial College London

Since his PhD studies in the early 1990’s, George Britovsek has been interested in the catalytic properties of transition metal complexes in homogeneous solution. His research program involves the design and application of homogeneous catalysts for applications in the area of carbon management, the development of alternative non-oil based carbon resources for chemical synthesis, in particular alkanes, alkenes, syngas, carbon dioxide and biomass. A range of catalytic reactions are being investigated, including oxidations, hydrogenations, carbonylations, alkene oligomerisations and polymerizations and electro-catalysis. Many research projects have been and are currently in collaboration with industrial partners such as INEOS, Petronas and Polymateria.

A.W. Kleij, Ph.D, · ICIQ

ICREA Professor and ICIQ group leader in Tarragona, (co)author of >165 journal publications and 4 patent applications with citations beyond 7000. Advisory board member for Current Organic Chemistry (since 2014), ChemSusChem (since 2016), member of the editorial board for the Journal of CO2 Utilization (since 2017), and Molecules (since 2017). Invited guest-editor for Catalysis Science & Technology (2014), ChemSusChem (2017) and Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis (2018). Conference chair of the first Carbon Dioxide Conversion Catalysis (CDCC-1) conference in Portugal, and chair of the 4th EuCheMS Congress on Green and Sustainable Chemistry (EuGSC) in Tarragona (2019). Main research interests are in the area of CO2 valorization, and the use of renewable compounds and monomers in stereo-selective transformations and polymer applications.

Olafur Ögmundarson · Universidad Técnica de Dinamarca

Ólafur Ögmundarson is a PhD student at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability, at the Danish Technical University. The focus of his PhD is on how we can measure and increase sustainability of biochemicals and derived products by contrasting feedstock´s, biorefinery processes, and upscaling of laboratory results. Before doing the PhD, Ólafur worked as a project administrator of various FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects as well as conducting sustainability research within various industries.

Thibaut Mathieu · STRATASYS

Commercial responsible for Spain and Portugal for Stratasys, world leader in professional 3D printing solutions. Mathieu has a wide experience in finance and commercial subjects and he provides his strategic and operational vision developed during twelve years of experience in marketing of innovative solutions allowing the industry to improve its competitiveness. He is polyglot and has worked in Brazil, Germany and he is currently in Spain. He graduated in the Bordeaux École de Management (France).

José Antonio González · COSCOLLOLA

José Antonio González is commercial advisor in Coscollola Comercial since 2010. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of plastic injection. Previously, he was linked to the graphic arts sector and also to the trade of machinery and products for electronics. He is the area manager of Catalonia, Levant, Andalusia, Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Balearic and Canary Islands.

Pablo R. Outón · INDRESMAT

Graduated in Chemistry by the University of Barcelona. He has conducted postgraduate studies in High Specialization in Plastics and Rubbers by the Menéndez Pelayo International University in Madrid. With an experience of more than eleven years in the chemical sector, his labor period was initially related to the Manufacturing and Quality and he worked in Processing Control and Quality and Development Control departments in multinationals such as BASF, MERCK and KIN. His professional development took place in the public research sector in the Polymer Characterization department of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and in the Chemical Engineering department of the University of Barcelona. Then, he focused his professional activity on small companies related to the innovation of sustainable polymer materials in European Projects at IRIS-Advanced Engineering and the development of polyurethane-based materials at Arcesso Dynamics. His wide experience in different areas of the chemical and materials sector gained throughout his career has allowed him to design a new extrusion technology for the development of sustainable materials by using thermosetting resins. With the aim of generating a business model with international perspective based on the creation of technology, he formed a multitasking team of collaborating experts and has recently established INDRESMAT SL, an industrial start-up whose mission is developing the new extrusion technology to be marketed in a sector, the plastics one, with a great innovation potential for new manufacturing technologies.

Inma Vázquez · HP

Inma Vázquez is one of the most experienced persons in Additive Manufacturing and the manager of HP’s 3D printing division in Spain and Portugal. Among her tasks, she is responsible for recruitment, management and sales of HP’s Multi Jet Fusion line, based in Barcelona. Inma started in the additive manufacturing field in May 2001 as Sales and Marketing manager for Southern Europe at 3D Systems. During this time, 3D printing for personal use started being established on the market. In 2012, she decided to change direction and she started working at Stratasys as Sales manager for Iberia. After fifteen years in the sector, in 2016 she starts at HP’s new division to launch the MJF technology focused on the real manufacturing of plastic parts.



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